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Mark Vorwerk, Professional Tennis Coach

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Welcome to Tennis+ your comprehensive Tennis coaching provider in the upper highway and KZN midlands area. We are a dedicated team who are passionate about our game, and see it as our mission to transfer such passion to all our pupils and players. Our motto is Play. Learn. Compete. Each of these elements are a key component of every lesson that we provide.


Mark Vorwerk (Tennis+ Director of Coaching), Justin Bircher (Registered Biokineticist)
Brent Grimsley (Registered Physiotherapist), Stuart Bartlett (Registered Biokineticist) 

+ Learn

A key component for further development of your game is to learn age-appropriate skills and techniques. With a motivated and suitably qualified coaching team, Tennis + will be able to assess your training needs and develop a suitable programme for each individual. Lessons are tailormade and structured and range from group lessons to individual coaching.

+ Play

We believe that tennis is a great game, and that everyone who plays this game has fun while doing so. We teach this key aspect of the game from the youngest to most experienced players. Kids getting out on the court, having fun, great form of exercise

+ Compete

Tennis is a game where there are winners and losers. From a young age, the emphasis is also brought across that there is an element of competition. Age and ability related drills and games instill this element of the game. Professional support and coaching programmes are designed for top players to support them in their quest for winning success when participating in tournaments throughout the country.

All Tennis+ coaches are registered with SATA, and we continuously update our coaching skills with the latest international best practice, and follow the International Tennis Federations guidelines.

Mark Vorwerk
P.O. Box 715
Hillcrest, 3610
Tel: 031 – 765 6057
Cell: 083 - 564 3859
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